Rok Skool employs the best music educators the region has to offer. There are currently six different Rok Skool groups; Adult (18+), Collegiate (Upper Class High School), Varsity (High School), Ladies’ (Junior High School), Junior Varsity (Junior High School), and Folk (all ages).

Rok Skool started in 2010 when the parents of one of Bones’ students asked if he would like to coach her and 3 other girls who wanted to start a band. The result was Red Bandana who garnered a large following, released a CD of original songs, produced 5 videos, and played over 100 prestigious festivals and venues all over Colorado during their 4 year run.

At the beginning of Bones’ tenure with Red Bandana, he was approached by another group of parents who wanted their kids to be involved in a similar experience and Rok Skool was born.

Running classes out of his recording studio in downtown Salida, Rok Skool has grown from 4 musicians to 4 separate rock groups (JV, Varsity, Ladies and Collegiate) and an Acoustic Folk School that boasts over 100 young musicians having come through its collective ranks